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Reuse, Reduce, Recycle


When using many of our Urban Glow products, we can agree that less is more. Well' we typically like to apply that same message to waste. Urban Glow Cosmetics is striving to reduce our environmental impact while creating beautiful and innovative handcrafted cosmetics. Here are just a few ways we plan to introduce our Triple-R Plan of Action


When we do use packaging or create materials that could produce waste, we ensure they can be reused after they’ve served their Urban Glow purpose.

Many of our goodies are packed up in pretty reusable organza fabric bags or boxes, which can be reused to give another gift, or to organize jewelry, mask brush holder, or anything else you can think up.

Our product flyers, business cards, and tissue paper are printed on 100% recycled paper. While one side of the tissue paper displays our brand logo, we have left the opposite side blank to encourage use for re-gifting.


Reducing waste altogether has become a huge priority. Our product inventor intends to lead the way.  As new products are released, there will be emphasis on  innovative solid products which eliminate the need for packaging altogether so our products will be shipped being considered “naked”. While eliminating waste completely isn’t possible, we’re continually looking for ways to reduce the amount we need to create.


Recycled and recyclable are two words you will surely get used to. Our new pick-up bags are made up of 100% recyclable paper. Also our organza fabric bags and current colorful plastic bags are reusable.

NEW PROGRAM: Because each and every one of our jars and bottles are made from BPA-free 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, they can now be reused, recycled or returned to the Urban Glow Cosmetics shop for recycling. When you return five clean, empty jars to a shop, you’ll even get a free fresh face mask!

You’ll experience our commitment to the Triple- R Action Plan in our web shop, too. While our rose gold bubble mailers aren't 100% recyclable as is. Bubble mailers consist of multiple components, typically of bubble roll and paper. By removing the different components into separate materials, the paper can be recycled while the bubble roll, a non-biodegradable plastic can be recycled through a plastics recycling store drop-off.

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